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How Warwick goes green

with recycling & waste reduction

We're crazy about recycling.

In case you haven't heard, we manufacture our products in the USA. Because we make our products from raw materials, we are responsible for managing the manufacturing waste, which included: paper or chipboard scraps, foil (from imprinting), ink canisters, and even shipping supplies like plastic film and pallets.

So what's an American manufacter of promotional products to do?


The numbers on Warwick's recycling efforts

We take recycling seriously. What we send to our various recycling facilities each week varies depending on what we are currently manufacturing.

According to paperrecycles.org, it is estimated that every ton of paper that is recycled saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

So how much landfill space does Warwick not fill up by recycling? In any given month, we can generate up to 40,000 pounds of recyclable material (or 20 tons). That's a lot of weight—and a lot of landfill space that isn't being filled.

Recyclable waste | Warwick
These 11 tubs of recyclable waste is from just part of a week's worth of manufacturing calendars, frames, and greeting cards at Warwick Publishing.

To put that volume into perspective, 20 tons is roughly:

Warwick recycles a lot of paper

Three times heavier than an African elephant.

Warwick recycled a lot of paper

Three times heavier than a T-Rex.

Warwick recycles a lot of paper

40 times heavier than a grand piano.

That's a lot of volume recycled from just one manufacturer—
and it's a lot of waste that has been diverted from the landfill.


We're also crazy about waste reduction.

There are many reasons why manufacturing from raw materials is good for business.

The main reason?

If we control the process, we control how much waste is made.

If we see too much waste being created, we figure our how we can maximize each sheet of paperboard so that we cut out all that we can on each piece—thus creating less waste.

Because as much as we enjoy recycling, using more of the raw material to make products instead of sending it off as manufacturing waste is our ultimate goal.

Learn more about our environmental responsibility on our blog

Recycling bin at Warwick Publishing
Each machine in our plant has a recycling bin accessible. On several machines, the unused scraps drop straight into the bins and are ready for recycling.